About Us

4 Years ago, we took over Industry Bakery from a good man who had done great work. At the time, it felt like we had big shoes to fill. 4 years down the line and we’ve made Industry our own. From humble yet solid foundations, we’ve expanded into more than just a bakery.
We’re now a bakery, a café, a restaurant, a caterer and a food market.
Many things have changed but one thing has remained the same. The love and passion that is present in every single delicious meal and experience we create.
In celebration of Industry’s evolution and the deep pride we feel for what it has become, we have upgraded our logo to reflect our ownership of the brand.
It honours the past, present and future in a design that we believe is authentic, real and expressive of who we are.
We’d love to hear your thoughts, please use the comment form below. 

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